The Venum Boxing Hand Wraps Review 2024

Venum hand wrap

You can find them in two various lengths and a wide range of color choices. It’s uncommon to have options in terms of length for products in this category, so it’s convenient to find the one that suits you best.

Many sports, such as boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, and others, require you to have well-maintained hands to perform at your best. Other forms of martial arts that combine different techniques and styles that involve striking. 

high-quality hand wraps can provide an additional layer of protection for our delicate hand bones. Engaging in combat sports puts our hands at risk of experiencing breaks and fractures due to the intense impact. By wearing top-notch boxing gloves, we take the first step in safeguarding our hands. Nonetheless, incorporating hand wraps into our protective gear can offer an extra level of defense. These wraps act as a secondary barrier, shielding our tiny hand bones from potential harm best boxing hand wraps. During both training and competition, utilizing them will provide enhanced protection, support, and alignment.

Customers have observed that compared to other options in the same category, this choice provides decent breathability. This becomes advantageous when engaging in lengthy, perspiration-inducing workouts at the gym or home. The fabric utilized is not as flexible as other alternatives. However, this can actually benefit certain individuals by minimizing the chances of excessively tightening their wraps.

The Venum brand has spent nearly fifteen years striving to dominate the market for clothing, gear, and equipment related to fighting. Customers from around the world are increasingly turning to this brand because they provide high-quality products at remarkably affordable prices. Their customer service is satisfactory and they are willing to assist in resolving any issues that arise. Initially, their focus was on fight gear such as gloves The brand offers a range of products including punching bags, clothing, and other sports options that are high-impact. As their brand expands, they have started adding more items. Now, you can find everything you need for CrossFit, running, and many other fitness routines.

The brand plans to keep growing and offering a wider range of products to cater to an even larger audience. We are eager to see their future innovations, as they are committed to research and development, and we believe they will continue to introduce advanced products.

Black Venum Boxing Hand Wraps

Material used to make Venum boxing arm wraps

These wraps are created using pure cotton, providing a moderate level of elasticity. However, they do not offer as much stretch as Mexican style hand wraps. Cotton is a durable material that is generally easy to maintain. It is also soft, enhancing the overall comfort when worn underneath. your gloves The only other materials used in this product are scarce. There is a patch featuring the Venum name and logo, along with a piece of velcro that is used to secure it in place. Some consumers have expressed that the velcro piece is too small, and they believe a larger size would offer better adjustability. All the materials used in this item are of high quality. However, it is worth mentioning that there are also concerns regarding the stitching quality. Consumers have noticed that around the brand’s logo and the stitching on the velcro, it is not always as tight as it should be. This could lead to limited usage of the product, as the velcro may come apart from the wraps entirely.

Venum Boxing Hand Wraps 2024

Benefits of using Venum hand wraps

Benefit from reduced impact on your hands and wrists when striking. This is thanks to the added cushioning provided by hand wraps, effectively minimizing the force and shock absorbed. Ultimately, with less shock experienced, your hands and wrists will be more protected. experience less pain Using wraps underneath your boxing or mixed martial arts gloves is also beneficial for maintaining stability in your wrist.

Having proper wrist alignment is crucial when learning how to throw a punch, as it prevents unnecessary injuries. The use of wraps ensures that your hand and wrist remain in the correct position, reducing the risk of breaks or fractures. Additionally, one of the significant advantages of this product is its breathability. Boxing and mixed martial arts are intense and cause a lot of sweat, so adding an extra layer can lead to discomfort. However, these wraps are specifically designed to be breathable, alleviating this issue.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fighter, it is beneficial to include under glove wraps in your training. They offer enhanced support, structure, and alignment, guaranteeing your continuous progress and experience an overall sense of well-being during all of your training sessions.