Andrew Moloney’s Team Willing To Fight To Have Their Case Heard

Andrew Moloney was unquestionably on the receiving end of one of boxing’s most controversial decisions in 2020. The Australian super flyweight came out firing in his November rematch with Joshua Franco as he looked to avenge his June loss and recapture the WBA super-flyweight crown.

Moloney peppered the American with a barrage of sharp jabs, creating swelling over Franco’s right-eye. After the ringside doctor called a halt to the bout at the end of the second round, referee Russell Mora called that the swelling was not due to the punches landed by Moloney but by an accidental head-butt. 

Despite little evidence backing up Mora’s decision, the bout was deemed a non-contest much to the boxing world’s shock. Top Rank’s Bob Arum said he was ‘disgusted’ by the decision, and the WBA demanded an immediate rematch.

 Moloney’s team also took matters into their own hands by lodging a formal appeal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. However, after two months of waiting for a response, Team Moloney is no closer to getting their case heard than when they first submitted their appeal to have the result overturned to a TKO win for Moloney.

Joshua Dubin, who represents Moloney, is done waiting, and as first reported by Boxing Scene’s Jake Donovan, has fired off a letter to the NSAC.

“I sincerely hope the Commission will reverse course and grant Mr. Moloney a hearing. In the event that you continue to deny Mr. Moloney the opportunity to be heard before the Commission, we will take appropriate legal action in the Nevada courts to enforce his rights,” Dubin said in the letter in which boxing scene was able to view a copy.

“The Commission should err on the side of caution and hear Mr. Moloney out,” Dubin added.

Instead of relying on a strained, narrow legal interpretation to justify denial of his rights before all of the evidence has been reviewed. I sincerely hope the Commission will reverse course and grant Mr. Moloney a hearing.” 

So far, there has no public response from the NSAC. Still, with the eyes of the boxing world on them, it will hopefully not be long before Moloney gets his chance to make his appeal.

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