Bob Arum Stunned People Are Writing Off Vasyl Lomachenko Ahead Of Devin Haney Fight


Bob Arum can’t believe so many fighters and fans thinks Devin Haney will dominate Vasyl Lomachenko.

On Saturday night, Lomachenko is looking to reclaim his lightweight titles as he faces Devin Haney in an intriguing matchup. Haney is a moderate favorite but Arum wants to remind everyone, Lomachenko’s last fight was coming off of him serving in the army in Ukraine so he expects a much better performance here.

“People forget he was coming from a battlefield,” Arum told “He wasn’t playing around. He wasn’t training for a fight. He had a gun and he was defending his homeland. And then he got permission to come here to the United States. We put him in a relatively tough fight [with Ortiz] and he didn’t look that great. But I’m not surprised [about the doubts]. People are crazy. You see one mediocre performance and they write the guy off. They forget the fact that he was a soldier, actually packing a gun in dangerous areas during all the previous time.”

Although Devin Haney is undefeated and has had success, Bob Arum thinks Haney hasn’t fought anyone like Vasyl Lomachenko before. But, he says that is what makes this fight such an interesting one.

“That’s why it’s such an incredible fight,” Arum said. “Haney has the advantage of youth, Loma of experience. Haney has never fought anybody like Loma. So, I mean, Haney is the naturally bigger guy and it’s gonna be a hell of a fight. I’ve never seen Loma look so good physically, as he looks now.”

Do you think Vasyl Lomachenko will beat Devin Haney?