Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs. Nicolas Masseroni Booked For November 21

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr has no intentions of retiring, despite having back-to-back setbacks in the last ten months, having gone 1-3 in his last four.

The former WBC Middleweight Champion instead gears up to take on Argentinian prospect Nicolas Masseroni next month.

Chavez’ last appearance showed him drop a technical decision to Mario Abel Cazares just one month ago, though many, including Chavez disputed the decision. Chavez had suffered a cut above his eye from an accidental headbutt, thus the reason it was stopped early.

Cazares disputed that it was a punch that caused the cut, rather than a headbutt. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a no contest, we did have a winner that night. Luckily enough, they’d fought for nearly six rounds, which was long enough for the judges to score the totals.

This fight will take place in the super middleweight division, though that could change. Chavez’ last two bouts were scheduled at super middleweight, but ended up being light-heavyweight fights once the weigh ins and fight drew closer.

This bout will most likely be a ten-round affair, though it still needs to be confirmed.

Masseroni, 28, is 19-1 as a professional with all 19 victories coming via knockout, though he’s never fought someone at the level, or experience of Chavez, 34, who’s 51-5-1-1 as a professional with 33 victories coming via knockout.

Chavez is certainly the more experienced party, and he’s fought much higher ranked opposition than Masseroni. That’s not to say Masseroni can’t win this fight though, with a 100% knockout ratio, he certainly has a punchers chance.

With that being said however, with all the wars and title fights Chavez has been in, the miles are really starting to add up for him. Will Masseroni be able to make his name off of Chavez? Tune in on November 21 to find out!

Who wins this 168 lb match up?