Conor McGregor: I Would Hit Floyd Mayweather So Hard He’d Learn To Read

With all of the crazy news breaking about upcoming UFC welterweight and middleweight title fights for the end of the year, it seemed like newly minted interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor somehow got lost in the mix.

Well, he hasn’t.

Never one to mince words, the outspoken Irishman is back with a silver-tongued comments about one of combat sports’ most polarizing figures. One week after Ronda Rousey called out decorated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the ESPYs for his sordid history of domestic violence against women, McGregor had a callout of a different kind for ‘Money.’

The ‘Notorious’ one recently spoke up to TMZ to offer his thoughts on the hated pugilist, noting that he believes himself to be a smarter fighter with a longer reach than Mayweather. Because of that, McGregor had quite the humorous prediction for their bout if they were ever to cross paths:

“I am in the best shape of my life and feel as if I am unstoppable; not a man alive can beat me, including Floyd Mayweather. I have the reach advantage, speed advantage, and I am the smarter fighter. Clearly this man cannot read, so how can he possibly expect to read my movements in a fight? He wouldn’t know what to do. I would hit Mayweather so hard he would learn to read.”

So the trend of high-profile MMA stars calling out ‘Money’ continues in yet another hilarious way, but there’s probably not even an inkling of a chance that he’ll fighter either ‘Notorious’ or ‘Rowdy.’

It’s plain to see that Rousey would simply dominate him on the mat with her Olympic level judo, just like Mayweather would beat her in a boxing match.

As for McGregor, well, perhaps they could square off one day if the ‘Money’ was right.