Dana White Hires Executive To Run Zuffa Boxing

Dana White

Things are really starting to progress with Zuffa Boxing. Dana White teased earlier this year that moves would be taking place for the project after this summer. This could be one of those moves.

According to Mike Coppinger of The Athletic, Dana White has hired someone to run the boxing division and help make it a major player. Shaheen Al-Shatti also added that he asked White about this at a recent media scrum, and White admitted he’s targetting October for the launch of Zuffa Boxing:

“””Sources tell @TheAthleticBOX Dana White has hired a person to run his boxing division (unofficially referred to as Zuffa Boxing) as UFC president looks to enter the space. It’s unknown who the hire is, but person will be tasked with helping Dana make boxing venture a major player”

“”Asked Dana White about this today. He confirmed a key hire has been made and said he’s targeting October for the launch of Zuffa Boxing. He wouldn’t attach a name to the hire, but I asked if it was someone boxing fans would be very familiar with: “I don’t think so. No.”

White commented on the plans for Zuffa Boxing during a recent UFC 240 media scrum this week. The UFC boss said he has had a ton of meetings with anybody who is anyone in the boxing world, and he still has more lined up:

“Listen, I told you guys, a year ago, however long ago it was, two years – I don’t remember,” White said. “But, I’m getting into boxing. I needed to take my time, do my homework. I’ve met with literally everybody who is anybody out there. There’s still a couple of more coming.

“I got a big meeting with a couple of English guys. We’ve pretty much talked to and met with everybody, and everybody wants to work with us. Everybody wants to work with us, everybody wants to be a part of it, everybody was more excited and open-minded than I expected, and I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

When asked what will make Zuffa Boxing different, White was very confident in his answer. He’s going to break the current model and rebuild it:

“Cause I’m going to break the model and rebuild it,” White proclaimed. “The model is broken. We all know it. You don’t have to be a f*cking rocket scientist to figure that out. The model is broken, it needs to be fixed, and we’ll see if I’m the guy to do it.”

The UFC boss was then asked about UFC athletes possibly boxing as well, but White had zero interest in the idea:

“No, I’m not interested in that,” White said.

What do you think about the moves White is making with Zuffa Boxing?