David Benavidez To Serve As Backup Fighter To Face Canelo Alvarez If Billy Joe Saunders Pulls Out

David Benavidez

David Benavidez is preparing to fight Canelo Alvarez on May 8.

On May 8, Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders are set for a very intriguing matchup, but former two-time WBC super-middleweight champion in Benavidez is training to face Alvarez if the Englishman can’t make it to the fight.

Although Benavidez has not been made the official backup, his dad Jose is making it known David is training and ready as they know Matchroom boxing wants Canelo Alvarez to compete on May 8.

“He should fight the #1 or #2, but who’s going to make him do that?” said Jose Benavidez Sr to AKHi TV about Canelo Alvarez. “You tell me, or the people can tell me, comment. Who’s going to make him do that if he doesn’t want to do it? He’s [Canelo] a Franchise fighter, and a Franchise fighter means you don’t have to fight nobody.

“To me, I don’t even understand; I’m confused. But if you want to make history and you want to be loved by the people, I think you got to fight the number ones, the number twos, and maybe the number three because you’re at that level. You got to show the people you are what you say you are and your team. He [Canelo] couldn’t even stop Julio Chavez Jr,” added Jose Benavidez.

Although it is uncertain if Alvarez would event want to face Benavidez on short notice. However, his dad makes it known he is training and ready to take the fight.

“He wants those big fights. In order for him to get those big fights, they are going to come because these guys [Team Canelo] likes to call the people when they’re not ready or give you two weeks or a week’s notice or whatever, you know?

“We are going to train and stay focused, and if they give us a week notice or if they give me 24-hour notice, we’ll take that fight because I know we’ll be ready,” said Benavidez about David willing to step in to face Canelo if Saunders pulls out. We’re going to be ready. Anything can happen, and in my mind, these guys could get injured, somebody [Saunders] could get injured. They’re going to have to replace somebody.

“Who are they going to replace? Now the people want to see good fights. They’re not going to take just anybody. So they are going to try and take us. Okay, you want to take the fight, you have it. And if we’re not ready, they’re going to start, ‘Oh, I thought you wanted to fight. I thought you had balls.’ So you know what? We are ready 100%; we’re going to be ready,” said Benavidez.”

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