David Haye Backs KSI To KO Tommy Fury, Beat Jake Paul

David Haye thinks KSI is the best of the influencer boxers.

After KSI scored a controversial KO win over Joe Fournier, he called out Tommy Fury and the Brit got into the ring. All signs point to that fight happening and many believe it is an easy fight for Fury, especially after he beat Jake Paul.

Yet, former pro boxer, David Haye thinks KSI will not only beat Tommy Fury but would KO him. He also thinks KSI will then go on to beat Jake Paul, as he thinks the Brit is the best of those three.

β€œI think [KSI] knocks Tommy Fury out, real easy. Off the strength of that. And Jake Paul as well, I think he beats both of them,” Haye told Seconds Out (h/t BoxingScene). “Off the strength of those first two rounds and the elbow, if he’s allowed to chuck elbows, what you going to do? Even without the elbow, the shots he was throwing were very, very crisp. Timing was right, to step back, it was just very, very classy. I liked it and I just think that styles that he’s doing is very unorthodox, it’s so very different to what anyone does in traditional boxing.”

Although Haye thinks KSI will KO Fury, the pro boxer said this fight was easy money for him.

“Guess what? You didn’t beat a pro boxer tonight. I’m the pro boxer, let’s get that straight,” Fury said. “I’ve already ticked off one name in Jake Paul, he’s done, he’s finished. And you will be ticked off. Like it or not, you will be ticked off and Misfits is going to be over.”

Do you think KSI will KO Tommy Fury as David Haye thinks?

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