Deontay Wilder Not So Keen On Boxing’s New Bridgerweight Division

Deontay Wilder, being a small heavyweight, is kind of ideal for this new bridgerweight division boxing is adding. Wilder may be 6’7”, but he generally weighs in between 210-220 lbs for his fights.

For instance, for his first fight with Tyson Fury, he weighed in at just 209 lbs. It’s even more shocking when you look at his resume and see how many people he’s absolutely starched at heavyweight.

We used to have a single weight class that separated light-heavyweight (178 lbs) and heavyweight (200 lbs+), cruiserweight, which is contested between 178 lbs and 200 lbs.

Bridgerweight is going to be contested from 200-224 lbs, rather than 200 lbs and up being heavyweight. However, Wilder doesn’t favor the idea:

“I understand that people have have to make money and this is a way to create a way for people to make people with these belts but, as a fighter that’s in it, I don’t understand all these different weight classes and stuff like that.

“If it’s specifically designed for me to be the face of it, you know, I decline.”

Now Wilder did weigh in at 231 lbs for his rematch with Tyson Fury, but it’s evident that didn’t help him in the slightest. He was slow and lethargic throughout that fight, and regardless of his long, quite extensive laundry list of excuses for losing that fight, this may be the real reason.

“My career is to be a heavyweight and that’s what I got in for and that’s what I’m going to end with. Guys always outweighed me. In my last fight I was 231, so far as putting on weight that’s not a difficult part for me.”

“As for as going down in weight my power makes up for all of that. If they really want me hurt someone and smash the head into an avocado then be my guest. I have too much power for a weight class that low.

“I’m already knocking guys out that weigh 50 lbs heavier than me, 30 lbs heavier than me, I don’t think it would be a good idea to go lower than what I am. I should be exempt for that. But that’s just my opinion.”

Not only would Wilder have an even more serious power advantage at bridgerweight, but should he stay at heavyweight, we may see him gather more defeats. He doesn’t naturally walk around higher than his previously mentioned weight.

The former 11-time WBC Heavyweight Champion is naturally between 210 and 220 lbs, naturally being the key word. That’s where he should fight at. The problem with this is, he’ll no longer be considered a heavyweight, because boxing, yet again, is watering down the sport.

Do you agree with them adding a bridgerweight division?