Devin Haney Open To Staying At 135 After Lomachenko Fight To Face Davis Or Stevenson


Devin Haney is open to staying at 135lbs after he faces Vasyl Lomachenko on May 20.

Haney is set to defend his titles against Lomachenko and he has said this could be the final fight at this weight class as he will move up. Yet, now, he revealed he may stay at 135lbs as he thinks fights against Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson could entice him to stay.

“That depends on how it goes on May 20, first coming out of the fight successfully and then we’ll go from there. But the only way I’m going to stay at 135 is because of guys like Stevenson, or guys like Tank,” Haney told ESPN Deportes. “I don’t plan to be here much longer. This has been my first weight class. I’ve been at 135 since I was 16 years old, My body has been maturing. I’ve been saying this for a long time. I have the best team in boxing. I have a great nutritionist, I’m going through all the steps to do it successfully, but you never know what happens in the ring. I feel good, I feel healthy, I feel strong.”

After Shakur Stevenson beat Japan’s Shuichiro Yoshino he called out Devin Haney, which Stevenson wasn’t surprised by. He also knows that fight is a big scrap and one many fans want to see which is why he’s open to staying at 135.

“That’s what he was supposed to say. [Shakur] is a competitor. Now we’re in the same weight class. I’m the champion with all the belts, that’s what he was supposed to say,” Haney said. “There were times where I wanted someone to challenge me, where I wanted someone to fight me. So when a guy says he wants to fight me, I can’t get mad about it.”

Would you like to see Devin Haney vs. Gervonta Davis or Shakur Stevenson at 135lbs?

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