Eddie Hearn: ‘We Have To Showcase Great Fights, Great Content, Great Product’


Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn is all in favor of exhibition bouts as long as they do not end up becoming the norm in boxing. Hearn sat down for an interview with FightHype, where he opened up about how he thinks this latest batch of celebrity boxing bouts is impacting the sport.

“I think it’s good for the sport, in drops. And this is what I said about Fury-Joshua and Crawford against Spence, if we don’t start making these fights, those other ones will become the norm because [for the]the broadcasters, it’s a numbers game. So what’s delivering eyeballs, what’s delivering subscriptions?

“The answer is, at the moment, not Errol Spence against Danny Garcia, but Tyson against Jones in a fucking exhibition. So we’ve got to fight back ourselves,” Hearn exclaimed.

“I was never really a fan of Tyson-Jones exhibition, but actually, after I watched it, I thought, ‘okay, harmless,’ do you know what I mean? Logan against KSI, again, enjoyed it, massive numbers, I learned a lot. Floyd against Logan? No, no. Where’s the narrative?

“But the only thing I will say is we have to kind of agree that they are bringing eyeballs to the sport, aren’t they? It’s okay if you can bring them in, educate them, and turn them into fans. Because the argument will always be, and people are right, ‘yeah, but what percentage of that audience come in and just fuck off and never [return] again 90? But I’ll tell you what that 10 percent is a big old number.” he added.

Hearn went on to say that despite all the recent criticism that boxing has come in for, from the likes of people like Dana White, fighters and investors are still lining up to be involved in the sport.ย ย 

“We have to showcase great fights, great content, great product. So we have to make big cards,” Hearn said when saying what he thinks boxing needs to do to fully capitalize on this new interest in the sport.

Check out the full interview below.

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