KSI Edges Logan Paul In Pro Boxing Debut (Highlights)


The madness that was KSI vs. Logan Paul II is finally in the books. Yesterday (Sat. November 9, 2019) KSI and Paul made their professional boxing debuts against one another for Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing on DAZN.

Both KSI and Paul went six rounds in the cruiserweight division. There was a lot of controversy throughout the fight in regards to knockdowns. Paul looked like the more technical of the pair, but KSI landed far more power shots with his wild style of swinging overhands.

When it was all said and done, KSI took home the split decision win, much to the crowd’s delight. KSI said he’s done fighting Paul, but Paul said he intends on fighting again in the future. Paul fighting in MMA was briefly mentioned, but not elaborated on. KSI suggested Paul fight CM Punk in the UFC.

You can check out some highlights from KSI vs. Paul here below.

What did you think of the fight between KSI and Paul?

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