Edgar Berlanga Apologizes For Attempting To Bite Alexis Angulo Mid-Fight

Edgar Berlanga

Edgar Berlanga has apologized for attempting to bite Alexis Angulo during their boxing match on Saturday.

During the fight, many thought Berlanga appeared to bite Angulo and after more angles on it and slow-mo, it appeared he did. With that, he took to social media to apologize for his actions.

“I want to apologize for my actions and what I said yesterday about the Mike Tyson bite. I was in the moment and got a little ahead of myself. It doesn’t take away from the embarrassment that I have caused upon myself, my team, top ranks, and many others,” Berlanga wrote. “I reacted poorly and take full responsibility. Moving forward, I am going to be more mindful and encouraging in my behavior. Once again, I do apologize.”

In the seventh round, Edgar Berlanga appeared to bite Angulo’s shoulder and then went for his neck but it appeared he actually never bit him. His bite attempt was also not noticed by the ref.

In the end, it was Berlanga winning by decision and after the fight he spoke to reporters and said he let his emotions get the best of him.

“He kept throwing elbows and, you know, head-butted me and stuff,” Berlanga told a group of reporters at ringside. “So, I was telling him like, ‘Yo, chill!’ You know, like I didn’t wanna get cut or anything. But I don’t know – I just got aggressive in there, Mike Tyson style. You know? I got a little carried away.”

According to reports, Berlanga could be suspended or fined by the New York State Athletic Commission for his actions.

With the win, however, he improved to 20-0 and before beating Angulo, defeated Steve Rolls by decision back in March. He’s the current NABO super middleweight champion.

What do you make of Edgar Berlanga nearly biting his opponent?