Errol Spence Jr. Says He Has New Hunger And Focus After Crash, Eye Injury

Errol Spence Jr.

Errol Spence Jr. says he is more focused than ever after his car crash and eye injury.

Spence Jr. was seriously hurt in a near-fatal crash of his Ferrari and he revealed after that that the following three weeks were lost from his memory bank altogether. Spence Jr. suffered facial lacerations and lost teeth but did not break any bones in the accident. Many thought this career might have been over but he returned in December 2020 and beat Danny Garcia by decision.

He was then set to face Manny Pacquiao but during the pre-fight medicals, it was revealed he had suffered a torn left retina which forced him out of the fight. Now, he is set to return on April 16 against Yordenis Ugas and he says because of all these setbacks, he is as hungry as ever.

“I feel my focus is a lot better than before the crash and the eye injury,” Spence Jr. told Boxing Junkie. “I feel like that gave me a new sense of hunger. I just feel like before I won the world title, keeping that focus, that drive, being in the gym, working hard.

“Everything has been basically focused on boxing and my family. I feel 100%, especially mentally … I’m a firm believer that stuff happens for a reason. It’s how you react to it,” Spence Jr. continued. “There are cons to everything. There are pros, too. It just depends on how you take it. It was more rest for me. It got me back in the gym, focused, training hard… Some people might be furious, angry. If you’re furious or angry, you still got the problem. You might as well change your perspective so it can be to your benefit.”

Although Errol Spence Jr. was disappointed that he didn’t get to fight Manny Pacquiao, he says he will prove he would’ve beaten him with his win over Ugas on Saturday.

“Yeah, I was disappointed,” said Spence Jr. “I feel like basically that [Pacquiao] was aligned for me and I missed the opportunity. I couldn’t dwell on it, though. It happened for a reason. [Ugas] won the fight and now I’m fighting the guy who beat Pacquiao. It’ll still come full circle for me. I’ll just to have to win in impressive fashion so that people will say, ‘If he would’ve fought Pacquiao, he would’ve destroyed him.’ Some fighters – some people – don’t appreciate what they have until they almost lose it. I definitely appreciate it more knowing that it can be taken away from you at any moment.”

Who do you think will win, Errol Spence Jr. or Yordenis Ugas?

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