Exclusive: Bruno Tarimo Targets Return To The Top ‘ this is my start’

Bruno Tarimo

If you thought you had seen the best of Bruno Tarimo, think again.

The Tanzanian emerged onto the world stage in 2018 after scoring an upset win over Australia’s Billel Dib. The victory started a journey that took Tarimo, who never had an amateur career, to the No.4 spot in the IBF Super Featherweight rankings before he lost on points to the UK’s Zelfa Barrett in a hard-fought clash inside the Manchester Arena in 2021.

The Australian-based Tarimo, set to return to his natural weight division of super bantamweight, is ready to embark on the next chapter of his career. Only this time he will be able to channel all his energy into boxing after securing residency visas for his family so they can join him in Australia.

Boxing is a sport that often requires fighters to spend time away from their families, but in Tarimo’s case, the separation from his loved ones lasted two years. However, sacrificing so much time away from his family was about more than Tarimo’s quest for boxing glory; it was about creating a pathway to a brighter future for the people he cares most about.The sacrifice has paid off, and now that his personal issues are resolved, Tarimo is eager to show the boxing world what he is truly capable of.

“People may think I am finishing, but this is my start because, as I say, I used this [visa] issue as motivation to work harder to make my dreams come true,” Tarimo tells Boxing Daily.

“One dream already came true, bringing my family to Australia, but the other dream is to be a world champion, and I know I will be, ” he explains.

“I have to take responsibility for my family. So I’m going to have to find money for renting, money to make sure my family has a good life. So this is a big motivation for me to work even harder to make sure my kids have the best of life. “

Tarimo is currently training alongside Jason and Andrew Moloney. Jason is the WBO Bantamweight World Champion and will defend his title in Japan against the undefeated Yoshiki Takei on May 6. A week later, his twin brother Andrew will fight Mexico’s Pedro Guevara for the WBC Interim Super Flyweight title. Spending his days around the brothers has shown Tarimo the dedication a fighter needs to compete at the highest level.

“I train with the Moloney brothers all the time, and that has helped me improve a lot. As you know, the Moloney brothers are world-ranked fighters with a lot of experience. So, they motivate me to try to be like them or go even further than them.”

Tarimo and the Moloney brothers share the same manager, Tony Tolj. Tolj understands the paths that fighters need to follow to earn a coveted world title shot, and he is already mapping out a route to the top for Tarimo.

“It’s almost like he’s won a world title by getting his family a visa and getting his family over to Australia. So he’s built a better life for them, and that was his real focusโ€ฆNow, it’s going to be more about him trying to achieve his boxing goals, which also translates into helping his family because that’s all he does, everything for his family, ” Tolij explains.

“I want to get him in the ring soon, get him active, get him among the rated fighters, and get him some opportunities for some big fights.”

Tarimo is excited about the chance to step in the ring again, not only for himself and his family but also for all those back in Tanzania who see in him an example of someone who has made their dreams a reality.

I’m not just representing my country; I represent my people, ” he explains.

“I want to show them that everything is possible. If you can work hard and believe in God 100%. You can make whatever you want of yourself.”

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