Floyd Mayweather Offers To Train With Anthony Joshua For Fury Fight

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury have finally put pen to paper and signed a two-fight deal. This will likely be one of the biggest fights in boxing history, and of course Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather had to get involved.

In a recent interview with The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Mayweather revealed that has been in constant contact with Anthony Joshua and is hoping to assist him in preparation for the Fury fight. ‘Money’ had the following to say:

“I look forward to working with Anthony Joshua real soon, we communicate all the time, we talk all the time” (transcribed by Boxing Scene).

Mayweather also revealed that he has previously had some limited interactions with ‘The Gyspy King’ as well. However, he has only seen Fury’s all-time classic fights with Deontay Wilder.

“I’ve met Tyson Fury on a few occasions, great guy, very interesting, after the fight I like to see him sing. I haven’t seen him fight a lot of times, I’ve seen him fight probably only twice. I’ve only seen Tyson Fury fight twice, against Deontay Wilder.”

Like many fans of the sport, Mayweather is unsure of how the clash between the two heavyweight titans will go. Regardless, ‘Money’ is keen to help out Joshua in any way he can. With the amount of experience Mayweather, and the trainers around him, bring, there is no doubt that Joshua will most likely be more than happy to accept. Mayweather had the following to say about the matchup itself:

Anthony Joshua has a lot of experience, Tyson Fury as well has a lot of experience. But I think with Anthony Joshua losing a fight, that helped him become stronger. But it’s a very intriguing match-up, you can never say what’s going to happen in the sport of boxing. Both guys are great competitors. Like I say, me and Anthony Joshua talk on the regular, so I look forward to working with Anthony Joshua.”

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury does not yet have a date or a venue. However, Fury has previously stated that he wants two fights in 2021. With luck, boxing fans may have the chance to see the heavyweight elites clash twice before the year is over.

Do you think Floyd Mayweather would be a useful addition to the Anthony Joshua camp?