Floyd Mayweather Says He Wanted 8-Ounce Gloves For Logan Paul Bout

Mayweather Paul

Floyd Mayweather wanted 8-ounce gloves for his upcoming exhibition bout against Logan Paul on Sunday night in Miami.

Mayweather hasn’t fought professionally since he TKO’d Conor McGregor in 2017. He did take an exhibition bout in RIZIN and will continue to do these exhibition bouts as he’ll face 0-1 pro boxer and YouTube star, Logan Paul. Although many assume Mayweather will dominate the fight, it is an intriguing matchup, but the undefeated pro boxer doesn’t like how they are fighting in 10-ounce gloves.

“First they were talking about 16-ounce gloves, then they talked about 14-ounce gloves, then it was 12-ounce gloves, now, as of today, we’re fighting in 10-ounce gloves. We’re getting closer and closer to what I want,” Mayweather told Cheddar News’ Alicia Nieves (via BoxingScene). “What I really want is 8-ounce gloves, so we can entertain the people. Even though it’s an exhibition, they want to see blood.”

Logan Paul, meanwhile, also agrees with Mayweather as he wanted smaller gloves.

“It was 10, then it changed to 12. Now we’re back to 10. Good, that’s how I want it,” Paul said at media day.

Entering the fight, the YouTube star believes he will catch Floyd Mayweather by surprise.

“There’s a moment that goes through every fighter’s mind. Everyone we spar, everyone Jake’s beat,” Logan Paul said to Sky Sports about his fight against Mayweather. “When we hit them, they realise, ‘Oh, he might not just do YouTube. This guy really put his heart and soul in this.’ I hit hard. I think you’re going to see Floyd’s eyes light up, the first time I hit him.”

Ultimately, Floyd Mayweather is a massive favorite and many expect him to get an early win. Although it is an exhibition, they can go for KO’s, however, there will be no judges so if it goes the distance, no winner will be awarded.

Who do you think will win, Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul?