Floyd Mayweather’s Legacy Won’t Be Tarnished With Loss To Logan Paul, Claims Old Sparring Partner

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is set to return to the ring in February in an exhibition bout against Logan Paul.

When the fight was announced, many thought it was a joke and figured it would be a blowout win for Mayweather. However, if Paul somehow wins, it would be a massive upset but according to Mayweather’s old sparring partner, Dmitriy Salita, a loss would not ruin Mayweather’s legacy.

“If he loses to Logan Paul, it won’t impede his legacy. This is nothing new, Muhammad Ali fought a wrestler in Japan over 40 years ago,” Salita told Marc Gatford via the MyBettingSites.co.uk. “The sports world in general is changing. These types of matches don’t take away from the sport of boxing. Let’s say he loses to Logan Paul, I don’t think that will impede his legacy. This to me is acceptable and exciting and I’m really interested. Logan has a platform to crossover boxing into places it hasn’t been before. It’s kind of like Mayweather-Mcgregor, a little different because Paul isn’t a combat guy, but it’s a similar out of the box concept.”

Logan Paul is 0-1 as a pro boxer but will have around a 50-pound weight advantage over Mayweather. However, for Salita, he says this fight is just for an entertainment.

“Floyd is one of the greatest fighters of all time and this is a victory tour,” Salita concluded. “Floyd deserves to do whatever he wants to do. This is entertainment, this is fun, I don’t think anyone is going to get hurt. It’s an exciting way for sports fans and Youtube fans to get a taste of boxing and pull in more people to the sport. The great thing about Floyd having trained with him for several years: Floyd always stays in shape and Paul seems like an athletic guy. There’s a significant weight difference, so it’s not a boxing match, it’s an exciting event.”

Do you think Floyd Mayweather’s legacy would be tarnished if he lost to Logan Paul?