The Fury Family Tree

The Fury Family Tree

If you follow the career of Tyson Fury, you know that he has a big and very vocal family. Being from a large gypsy family, it can be hard to keep track just how many are in the Fury family tree. 

Here’s a list of the most prominent members of the Fury family tree. Check out Tyson’s most prominent family members below and their relation to the champ.

Fury Family Tree

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury

If we’re going to talk about the Fury family tree, we have to start with the man himself, Tyson Fury. “The Gypsy King” is the reigning and defending heavyweight champion, who is currently undefeated as a boxer.

After defeating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, Fury has held the throne as the king of the heavyweight division. During his reign, we’ve got to know many members of the Fury family tree that are listed below. 

John Fury (Father) 

John Fury

By far the most vocal and known within the Fury family tree outside of Tyson is his father John Fury. John is not only Tyson’s father, but his #1 advocate, who isn’t afraid to start squabbles at press conferences.

The Elder Fury himself is also a former pro boxer and bare knuckle boxer. As a professional boxer, John fought in 13 pro bouts during the 1980s and 1990s and earned a record of 8-4-1. 

Then like many tough gypsy men, John also participated in various bare knuckle fights against rival gypsy families. One of his favorite fighters was Mike Tyson, which is why he gave his son the name Tyson.

Peter Fury (Uncle) 

Peter Fury

Peter Fury is the uncle and one of the head trainers of Tyson Fury and his brothers. Tyson’s uncle was also a boxer himself before becoming a trainer to some of the world’s top boxers.

However, before becoming a world-renowned trainer, Peter made his living in the underworld. During his 20s, Peter worked as security for drug traffickers before getting into the business himself.

In 1994, Tyson’s uncle was arrested with 10 kg of speed and spent a decade in prison. He would spend another year in prison in 2008 for money laundering before turning his life around.

Tommy Fury (Brother)

Tommy Fury

Below Tyson, his younger half brother Tommy Fury is the second most known boxer in the family. Tommy currently fights as a professional boxer in the cruiserweight division.

One of the youngest fighters of the Fury family tree currently has an undefeated 10-0 pro record. The two biggest fights in his short fighting career were against Youtubers and influencers Jake Paul and KSI, events that generated significant attention and speculation in the sports betting online with 1xbet community.

Tommy easily won both fights and is now looking to get to the next level and compete for world titles.

Paris Fury (Wife)

Paris Fury

The most beloved member of the Fury family tree is Tyson’s wife Paris Fury. Paris is Tyson’s rock, who he is passionately in love with and has played an important role in his life.

After nearly every win, Tyson will serenade Paris and pronounce his love for her. The two met at 14 and they currently have 5 children with each other.

Shane Fury (Brother)

Shane Fury

Next up on the Fury family tree list is another one of Tyson’s brothers Shane Fury. Out of Tyson’s multiple brothers, Shane is his only full-blooded brother.

Out of all of the relatives that Tyson has, his brother Shane is seemingly the most normal of the bunch. Shane is one of the only members in the family who hasn’t been in jail or makes absurd claims to the press.

Roman Fury (Brother)

Roman Fury

Roman Fury is Tyson Fury’s younger half brother, who is also a pro boxer. He is a southpaw, who also fights in the heavyweight division and is currently 4-0 with 1 KO. Roman began his pro career in 2022 and has been gradually earning experience. I

John Fury Jr. (Brother)

John Fury Jr. is another one of Tyson’s siblings that the public doesn’t know much about. Jr. isn’t as outspoken as the others in his family and has chosen to keep his life rather private.

Hughie Fury (Cousin)

Hughie Fury

Hughie Fury is one of Tyson’s cousins who is also a heavyweight boxer. Fury’s cousin, Hughie has a similar build and style, and stands at 6’6 with an 80 inch reach.

The UK heavyweight went pro in 2013 and has earned a record of 23-3 with 15 KOs. Hughie has challenged for the WBO and WBA titles, but came up short.

Some of Fury’s biggest wins include beating former champion Samuel Peter, Mariusz Wach, and Christian Hammer. At 29, Hughie is still in his fighting prime and could easily challenge for another world title.

Isaac Lowe (Cousin)

Isaac Lowe

Isaac Lowe is Tyson’s cousin, who is also a boxer who competes in the featherweight division. Lowe is currently 24-2-3 and has held multiple regional featherweight titles.

One of Isaac’s biggest wins came on the undercard of Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder 1. He won the WBC International title on the card and regularly fights on Tyson’s undercard.

Isaac’s next bout will be against Hasibullah Ahmadi on the undercard of the Fury vs. Usyk fight in Saudi Arabia.

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