George Kambosos Jr. Triggers Rematch Clause For Devin Haney Fight

Devin Haney, George Kambosos Jr

George Kambosos Jr. has officially activated his rematch clause for his fight against Devin Haney.

Kambosos Jr. lost his WBA, IBF, WBO, and The Ring lightweight titles as Haney controlled the fight to win a decision and become the undisputed champ. Although the fight only did 50,000 on pay-per-view in Australia which isn’t the best, he has officially triggered the rematch clause.

The clause states the fight must happen again in Australia and the hope for the former champ is to have it take place before Christmas.

“Yes, the rematch is happening, 100 percent. I have activated the rematch clause,” Kambosos Jr. told NewsCorp. “The Emperor is dead, but Ferocious is still alive and I will be back. We haven’t finalized a venue. There’s options for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It will be in Australia which is great. I know I can win a rematch. I will make some changes and this is my destiny to show how great I am and get those belts back.

“I know I can beat Haney. My confidence hasn’t been broken. On the day, Ferocious wasn’t at his best. I was just off a touch, but no excuses,” Kambosos Jr. continued. “He did what he had to do with his jab, he is a smart operator but I have to be smarter at my game plan next time. I am blessed to get the shot again and not many Australian boxers can say they’ve had three world title fights in a row. I shocked Lopez to win the belts, I lost them to Haney but now I will be working on a game plan to get the belts back. I have the eye of the tiger again.”

Although some fans will be disappointed that the rematch is happening that George Kambosos Jr. triggered his rematch clause against Devin Haney given the first fight was dominant and not that most entertaining.

Kambosos Jr. also took a shot at Tim Tszyu for some people saying Kambosos Jr. is not the big star he once was.

“I am still the biggest name in Australian boxing. Tim can barely get crowds to his fights in Australia. The last time I checked, when did Tim Tszyu fight in front of 41,000 fans in a packed stadium? He can barely get 10,000 to his fights, it’s small-time stuff,” Kambosos Jr. said. “I’m happy for the critics to bag me and doubt me. I am very happy with my life. No-one can take away the fact I made it to the top, I conquered the world, and I will be looking to get those belts back from Haney in our rematch.”

Are you looking forward to George Kambosos Jr. vs. Devin Haney 2?