Oleksandr Usyk Promoter Says There’s Too Many Questions On Tyson Fury’s Sparring Video

Tyson Fury closing as betting favorite to beat Oleksandr Usyk in February fight

Alexander Krassyuk the promoter of Oleksandr Usyk has some questions involving the sparring video of Tyson Fury.

Usyk and Fury were set to fight on Feb. 17 in Saudi Arabia, but last week it was revealed that the Brit was forced to withdraw due to a cut above his eye. It was a gruesome cut and he posted the video in sparring as to when it happened.

However, Krassyuk says there are too many questions about Fury’s cut and the sparring video.

‘I did see this video,” Krassyuk told Boxing News. “It’s not a convincing video, together with the picture of Tyson that he is in good shape. Very slim. People find this picture to be made three years ago. I did not explore it myself. But that’s what people said to me on Instagram. There’s another picture with him and [promoter] Dmitry Salita in the ring, same underwear. But who knows? Maybe Tyson has been wearing his underwear for three or four years. You never know.

“The fact is that you cannot trust this video. And the video itself does not prove anything. The picture of the cut, yeah, it shows us the fact. The cut is severe. But getting punched in a gear by an uppercut and get cut? No way. There is an elbow. But how the hell can an elbow get inside after an uppercut? What should be done? And when someone is screaming—why would they scream? Did they see blood? OK, if they saw the blood, why wouldn’t the blood appear on the gloves when he was wiping his eye. Too many questions. This video is not convincing. The convincing thing is the medical report and the statement that he got cut,” Krassyuk continued.

Although Alexander Krassyuk has his doubts, the promoter says the Saudis confirmed the cut.

“This was confirmed by our Saudi partners,” Krassyuk said. “They got the medical report and the medical report claims he would need two, three months to recover.”

Fury and Usyk will now face each other on May 18.

Who do you think will win, Tyson Fury or Oleksandr Usyk?