Gervonta Davis Pushing For Fight With Ryan Garcia

Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis has made it clear on multiple occasions that he wants the fight with Ryan Garcia to happen next.

Both men are undefeated and have had online altercations on many occasions, regarding their potential fight.

For some time, the age difference between the two had been a factor behind why it hasn’t happened yet.

Davis says he is now aiming to have this fight locked in.

“I’m pushing for it for sure,” Davis said.

“Everybody said they’re on board with it, so it shouldn’t be that hard [to make]. I just keep asking them over and over.”

Garcia has just came off an impressive TKO victory, over England’s Luke Campbell.

Immediately after he had his hand raised, he called out Davis.

“I’m a man of my word, let’s go Tank, let’s go!”

“I know people are worried about that one, but I’m ready for it,” Garcia said.

A fight date has not been confirmed yet, however, a verbal agreement on Mike Tyson‘s podcast ‘Hot-Boxin,’ gives hope that it is what they both want next.

A FaceTime call came through, whilst Tyson and Garcia were chatting, which happened to be Davis.

Back and fourths between the two started.

“Mike, he got dropped by a guy that can’t even hit. If I would’ve hit him, you know I would’ve killed him after that” Davis said.

Garcia responded, taking aim at Davis’ height.

“You’re 5’5. You’re going to need a ladder to hit me. You won’t be able to touch me,” Garcia said.

Hopefully we will see this fight take place some time this year, as of yet, there are no further confirmations.

Who will win when Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia meet in the ring?