Jake Paul Can Definitely Fight According To Hasim Rahman Jr.

Jake Paul

YouTube star, Jake Paul has turned to the boxing world and turned pro earlier this year against fellow YouTuber AnEson Gib.

Although Paul won by first-round knockout, many were uncertain about just how good he is. Yet, in November, he will battle former NBA star, Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. undercard.

According to undefeated, Hasim Rahman Jr. he knows just how good Paul is.

“Jake is definitely the better fighter of the two and he definitely could do a little something with boxing, if he keeps his mind to it,” Rahman Jr. said to SkySports. “He’s young, he has heart, he has a great team, and that’s what is going to get him to wherever it is he wants to go, if he stays focused with it. I think that he likes boxing a little bit more than his brother.

“When you’re getting millions of dollars inside your first 10 fights, it’s kind of hard to get motivated for those fights against guys that have been doing this for 25 years,” he continued. “He’ll have some entertaining fights, he’s an entertaining guy, but I don’t know about world level. When it comes to world level fighting, now you’re pushing it a little bit.”

Hasim Rahman Jr. has now sparred Jake Paul multiple times and admits he has gotten better than he expected. He also believes the YouTuber will beat Robinson rather easily when they fight.

“I kind of expected the same thing that I boxed the first time – and that’s not what I got,” he said. “I got somebody that had a better right hand, I had somebody that was actually stepping in with the jab. The best thing about it is – I had somebody that could control his distance.

“The first time he couldn’t really do anything like that. He was really just fighting,” Rahman Jr. concluded. “I could just tell that he had heart. Now he’s using his distance better, he’s actually stepping into his jab, instead of just putting it there, and he’s throwing a good one-two. He’s definitely progressing and he’s getting a lot better. I think that he’ll handle Nate Robinson pretty easy.”

Do you think Jake Paul will beat Nate Robinson?