Jake Paul Claims Eddie Hearn, Katie Taylor’s Team Told Him The Serrano-Taylor Fight Was A Draw

Jake Paul

Jake Paul says Eddie Hearn and Katie Taylor’s team told him before the decision was read that the fight between Taylor and Amanda Serrano was a draw.

Serrano and Taylor headlined Madison Square Garden in a massive fight for women’s boxing. Both women had high expectations for the fight and it exceeded expectations as it was one of the best fights in a long time. It was a back-and-forth fight and when it went to the scorecards, no one really knew who won but it was Taylor winning by split decision.

According to Paul – who promotes Serrano – he says Eddie Hear – who promotes Taylor – were sitting beside each other and when the final bell went, Hearn said it was a draw. In the ring, Taylor’s team also told Paul it was a draw.

“I don’t even want to talk about my opinion. Obviously, I thought that it was at least a draw. But what I’ll say publicly is Eddie and I were sitting there at the end of the fight like, ‘That’s probably a draw.’ Then I’m in the ring before the decision gets announced and Katie’s manager/trainer that was in the corner goes up to me and goes, ‘That’s a draw. That’s a draw.’ So even Katie’s team was like, that’s a draw. Then obviously the judges have it the way they scored it,” Paul said (via BoxingScene).

“I come back to the locker room, I’m chilling in the back locker room, the girl who sang the Irish national anthem comes up to me, is like, ‘Hey, can I have a picture? Amanda won that fight by the way, we all know it.’ And she sang the national anthem for Ireland, so screw my opinion, those are three stories right there that everyone says it’s a draw or that Amanda won the fight,” Paul continued.

Although Jake Paul believes the Serrano-Taylor fight was a draw, it does seem likely the rematch will happen.

What do you make of Jake Paul’s comments?