Jake Paul: ‘I Will Become The Biggest Prizefighter In Boxing’

Jake Paul

Youtube star turned fighter, Jake Paul, is now addicted to the sport and believes he will be “the biggest prizefighter in boxing.”

Paul transitioned to professional boxing in 2020 and has been successful against extremely low level opposition. Most notably the 24-year-old knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson on the undercard of Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

On April 17, he’ll take on former MMA champion Ben Askren. ‘Funky’ held titles in Bellator and ONE Championship but is most known for his elite-level wrestling skills.

Ahead of the fight, Paul wants everyone to know he is in boxing for the long haul and that he has lofty goals for his time in the sport.

“I’m definitely a boxing lifer,” Paul said. “I’m addicted to this sport. I will become the biggest prizefighter in boxing. Simple as that … Haters will be haters. When there’s a new young buck in the game coming up and ruffling

“After my Nate Robinson fight, there were probably about 70 people calling me out, wanting to fight me, Paul added. “There were probably six people that made sense to fight in [Michael] Bisping, [Conor] McGregor, [Nate] Diaz, [Dillon] Danis, Askren, some YouTubers that are popular, but I wanted to fight a real MMA fighter … When it came to signing the contract, a lot of them didn’t want to do it. By the way, this is me coming to them with the biggest payday of their lives. This is Ben’s biggest payday of his life. He’s publicly said that. So, when it came down to signing the contract, he was actually down.

“This is boxing vs. MMA and you’re gonna see the difference,” Paul concluded. “You’re gonna see the difference between a wannabe fighter, a guy who choked in the Olympics, a guy who choked in the UFC, and now a guy who’s gonna choke against Jake Paul. I’m gonna end this guy’s career as an embarrassment. [Jorge] Masvidal did it once, I’m about to do it again.” (Transcribed by Boxing Scene)

Do you think Jake Paul will have prolonged success in boxing?