Paulie Malignaggi Expects Deontay Wilder Get Smoked Again By Tyson Fury

Paulie Malignaggi Claims

Paulie Malignaggi doesn’t think the trilogy match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will go differently than the rematch.

Back in February 2020, Fury scored a TKO win over Wilder in their highly-anticipated rematch. It was a dominant performance from the Englishman and Malignaggi expects the trilogy which goes down on July 24 to be the same outcome.

“I think Wilder is going to get absolutely eviscerated in the fight. I think he’s going to get smoked to where he’s never the same again because he took a bad beating the second time around,” Malignaggi said to The Schmo (via BoxingScene).

“The first time around, I thought Fury outpointed him. The second time around, he took a bad beating, and that will usually change a lot of guys in general,” Malignaggi continued. “If you’re going to ask for that type of beating again, I don’t see where he’s going. Here’s the thing. Wilder doesn’t know how to fight going backward. You’re not going to figure out how to fight going backward. You’re not going to mentally and psychologically and physically change yourself to the point where you’re going to figure out how to fight this guy going backward. Fury will back you up.”

Ever since Wilder lost, he has said Fury cheated. Although many have blasted him for that, Malignaggi says Wilder has the right approach as he has to deny the rematch was legit in order to have success in the third.

“I think Wilder has the right approach. You’ve got to kind of have this in denial approach to it if you’re going to take this fight,” Malignaggi said. You can’t think about it negatively. You’ve got to convince yourself that it was everybody else’s fault and that Fury cheated. You’ve got to convince yourself about all this stuff that people aren’t going to take you seriously, but you’ve got to do it to put yourself in the best position mentally that you’re going to win the fight. I said that, and I don’t have a problem with that. If Wilder is going to be crazy enough to take this fight again, I think he has the right mental approach.”

Who do you think will win, Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?