Jake Paul Says He’s ‘Dead Serious’ About Wanting To Box Canelo, Eddie Hearn Hints About Promoting It

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has called out Canelo Alvarez in the past but many didn’t think he was serious, but he now says he is.

Paul is 5-0 as a pro boxer and has taken over the combat sports world. He’s coming off a KO win over Tyron Woodley but the biggest complaint about him is the fact he hasn’t faced a real boxer. However, the YouTuber says he tried but Tommy Fury was forced out of the bout.

“I tried to fight a real boxer and he faked an injury,” Paul told talkSPORT. “That’s Tommy Fury, he comes from a legendary bloodline. It would have been worse for Tommy Fury, he can’t take a punch like Tyron [Woodley], so he’s lucky that fight didn’t happen.  I was ready to fight the pro boxer. I had a poster up in my gym of Eddie [Hearn] actually, saying ‘when are you going to fight a real boxer?’ I look at it every day while I’m in training as he was one of the first people to say it.

“I’ve tried and it’s only been two years since my professional debut and I’ve continued to increase my levels of opposition and continued to prove people wrong,” Paul continued. “I have a long way to go and I know I can become a world champion because I’ve sparred against world champions I have great coaches and amazing people around me and I have a giant chip on both shoulders. I want to prove everyone wrong and I’m going to, just for fun.”

After hearing Paul discuss wanting to face Canelo Alvarez, Eddie Hearn asked if he was serious which he confirmed he is. That then piqued the interest of the promoter as it would be a massive fight.

Paul: “I think boxers are easier to fight than MMA fighters. They are more predictable and don’t hit as hard and they can’t take as big of a punch.”

Hearn: “I would disagree about not punching so hard.

“Partly with you, I don’t know if you’re serious or not. Like with fighting Canelo Alvarez.”

Paul: “I’m being dead serious. On my mum’s life I’m being serious. That I can contend with him, three years from now.”

Hearn: “Maybe I’ll promote it.”

Paul: “And walk away with $50m-$75m. I’ve seen guys go in there against him, and I say it all the time, the one guy recently goes three rounds and quits in the corner and doesn’t throw a punch [Avni Yildirim].

“How much did he get paid? I have way more heart than that guy. I’m way more athletic than that guy.”

Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn are currently promoting Amanda Serrano vs. Katie Taylor. When Paul fights again is uncertain but perhaps he does end up facing Alvarez soon.

Would you like to see Jake Paul vs. Canelo Alvarez?

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