Jamaine Ortiz Wants Rematch With Teofimo Lopez

Jamaine Ortiz

Jamaine Ortiz is hoping to get a rematch with Teofimo Lopez.

Ortiz was fighting Lopez on Thursday night and many expected the champ to defend his belt. However, the bout was competitive and when the final bell rang, some thought Ortiz should have got his hand raised, which he believes was the case.

“The fans, the boxing fans, will know, you know?,” Ortiz told a group of reporters (via BoxingScene). “You guys know. My team knows. The world that seen the fight knows. BoxRec and history will say that he won, but hopefully we get the rematch on and I’ll make it more of a clear decision this time around.”

According to Jamaine Ortiz, he believes he finished the fight strong while also avoiding all the power punches from Lopez.

“[I’m] disturbed because I knew what I had to do from the Lomachenko fight and this fight, and finish off strong,” Ortiz said. “And I felt like I did that. I didn’t feel like Teofimo got to out-land me or, you know, hurt me at any point during the fight, or land any big shots like Lomachenko did in [that] fight in the ending of the rounds, where some rounds could’ve been swayed around. This wasn’t like that. It was a one-way fight for me.”

Ultimately, Jamaine Ortiz thinks he fought the right fight, but frustrating Teofimo Lopez, and is confident he should have gotten his hand raised on Thursday night in Vegas.

“He just wanted to fight,” Ortiz replied when asked what Lopez said to him in the ring. “But like I said the whole week, he gets frustrated. He can’t control himself, he can’t tame himself. I’m calm. I know how to control myself, and I knew he couldn’t do that. That was the game plan, get him out of his game plan, get him frustrated and that’s exactly what it was. He was throwing wild, I was making him miss. It was part of the game plan the whole time and the game plan worked.”

Do you think Jamaine Ortiz beat Teofimo Lopez?

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