Jarrell Miller Suspended 24 Months By NSAC

32-year-old Jarrell Miller has been suspended once again, as he once again tested positive for a banned substance.

This particular test failure stemmed from his scheduled bout with Anthony Joshua early last year in Brooklyn, New York, when he tested positive for GW501516, a drug that has physical performance enhancing benefits in high doses.

Further testing also proved him to be metabolizing both EPO and HGH in his body as well.

He was only banned by the WBC for six months for this however, the NYSAC never suspended him. The NSAC however did, when he tested positive for his last scheduled bout with Jerry Forrest in July 2020, again testing positive for GW501516.

The NSAC finally came up with a verdict today, and have decided to suspend him for two years. He won’t be eligible to compete until January 2022 now, at the earliest. Some may think this is a bit harsh, but it’s a justified punishment.

Miller also failed a drug test back in 2014 for one of his kickboxing bouts, testing positive for methlyhexanamine, a stimulant, or energy booster.

As you see, this is nothing new to him, and it’s a real shame because he’s a great fighter, and a great athlete as it is. Miller went 22-2 as a professional kickboxer, and has had the same amount of fights as a professional boxer, 24, going 23-0-1 thus far into his career.

In saying thus far into his career, it may only make it this far. He hasn’t fought since November of 2018. As mentioned above, he won’t be eligible to compete until early 2022.

The thing is, no one, literally no one fights as soon as their suspension is up. It always takes longer, months longer, and sometimes, even up to a year longer. There are a lot of factors, and more or less, he’ll have been out four years by time he can return.

Miller will be 34-years-old at that point, having missed out on four years of his physical prime. The absolute most important years of his career are gone, and will continue being wasted for about 450 more days.

Not to mention, he will not be the same without performance enhancing drugs, no one is once they start taking them. Once you take PED’s, your endocrine system gets all messed up, it doesn’t produce hormones like it’s supposed to because they’ve been supplemented.

That means they don’t feel the need to do their job, your body doesn’t know any better, and it doesn’t just come back once you stop taking them. Look at Jon Jones for example.

This is really unfortunate, he was a great talent, but it seems he’s asked for all of this. It’s too bad.

Do you see Jarrell Miller returning once his suspension is up?