John Fury Expects Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou To Be A War


John Fury has high expectations for Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou.

Fury and Ngannou are set to box on October 28 in Saudi Arabia in a highly-anticipated fight. Ngannou will be making his pro boxing debut as he takes on Fury, who’s considered the best heavyweight and arguably the best boxer in the sport.

Although Tyson Fury is a massive favorite, John Fury believes the bout against Francis Ngannou will be a war.

“I hold him in the highest esteem and the highest regard. He’s world champion at his game, he’s taking on the best in the world, taking it seriously and I do believe he’s going to bring the smoke,” John Fury told Seconds Out. “I’m expecting Tyson to come out with a broken leg or a broken arm. He’s not going to come out unscathed and I’m glad they’re paying him well because if they weren’t paying him well I wouldn’t put him in against Francis Ngannou. He’s going to get knocked about, Tyson, and he knows that, exhibition my backside – they’re going to kill each other them pair.”

According to John Fury, he believes Francis Ngannou working with Mike Tyson is good news for him. As well, he thinks Fury will have an ego and want to brawl with Ngannou.

“Bear in mind he’s got Mike Tyson there and he wants to impress Mike Tyson. And then Tyson [Fury] has got an ego as big as Morecambe so the stage is set for a battle royal,” John Fury said. “He couldn’t have a better mentor in his camp than the great Mike Tyson, I’m sure Mike will show him the boxing moves he needs.”

Do you think Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou will be a war?