Jose Benavidez Jr. Believes Danny Garcia Is Too Small For 154lbs

Jose Benavidez Jr. thinks Danny Garcia is too small for 154lbs and he will prove that on Saturday.

Garcia will be making his 154lbs debut and picked Benavidez Jr. as his opponent which wasn’t surprising for Benavidez Jr., yet he plans to prove he is wrong for that.

“I feel like he feels more comfortable [at 154 pounds],” Benavidez told “As we get older, our bodies don’t lose weight as fast as we want it to. So, I feel like he feels comfortable at that weight, but that’s not the weight where he belongs, so we’ll see July 30th. I feel like he’s too small. I’m the bigger fighter, the stronger fighter. I spar my brother [David] and my brother fights at ’68. I walk around at 190 pounds.”

Jose Benavidez Jr., meanwhile, moved all the way up to middleweight for his most recent fight which he believes will play to his favor in this fight.

“The last fight was at middleweight,” Benavidez said. “I was making 140 and 147, but I’m just a big dude. I’m 6 feet tall, so you’re gonna see much more power at ’54, with me going back to the basics, me going back to my jab. The jab is the key to everything, you know? It’s the key to winning the fight. Without the jab, there’s nothing. There’s no more focusing on just trying to go and rip the guy apart because the knockout’s gonna come on its own if I use my tools.”

Although Benavidez Jr. is confident the size will play a role, he also has confidence in his own game that he will put on a show and be the first person to finish Garcia.

“I’m gonna put on a show – that’s for sure,” Benavidez said. “I’m gonna put on a great show. I don’t wanna say too much. You guys will see what’s coming. Like I said, I am the bigger guy and I am the stronger fighter. I guarantee you that, so we’ll see. You guys will just have to wait and see.”

Who do you think will win Jose Benavidez Jr. between Danny Garcia?