Josh Taylor Open To Conor Benn Fight At 147

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor plans to move up to 147lbs and is interested in facing Conor Benn.

Taylor is the former undisputed champion at 140lbs but lost his title to Teofimo Lopez two weeks ago. Since then, he announced he would be moving up in weight as he admitted the weight cut was getting too much.

Now, as Taylor looks ahead to moving up in weight and getting ready for his next fight, he says he would be interested in facing Conor Benn.

“That’d be a great fight,” Taylor told iFL TV when asked about a matchup with Benn. “Especially if he can make welterweight at the moment now. He looked a bit big now. Just the other day he was 154 or something on one of his [social media] posts. 154 he was looking at. I’d love to give him a good spanking after everything that has happened and came to light and stuff.”

Although Josh Taylor is interested in facing Conor Benn at 147lbs, he isn’t sure if that fight happens. If it doesn’t happen, Taylor says he doesn’t care who he fights as he just wants to be active and fight whoever.

“We’ll wait and see what happens,” Taylor continued. “Absolutely, I’ll fight anybody. I’ll fight anybody. I’m not scared to fight anybody. I’ll see what happens and see what comes my way. I think you’ll see I’m a big name in the sport. I’m a former—I f—— hate saying that—I’m a former undisputed world champion so I’m not short of options. Whatever happens, there’ll be good fights out there for me. We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens.”

Would you like to see Josh Taylor vs. Conor Benn at 147lbs?

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