Katie Taylor Rejects Amanda Serrano’s Three-Minute Rounds Proposal For Title Unification Fight

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor has rejected Amanda Serrano’s wish of making their title unification bout three-minute rounds.

Women only fight for two minutes in boxing which has been criticized for quite some time and Serrano wanted to change that. She’s been vocal about wanting to box for three minutes and offered Taylor the idea of making their bout three minutes.

 “We’re making the biggest payday, both of us,” Serrano began (via BoxingScene). “I think we should continue to make this fight iconic, make [changes] in this game. If Katie Taylor is willing, I’m ready and able to make this an equal fight: 12 rounds, three minutes. I say if you want to make change, we should make it on the platform [we have] right now, DAZN. We’re making headlines, we’re talking, we’re getting interest. This is about equality and we should make the change right now. So, Katie, you up for it?”

“12 three-minute rounds?” Taylor asked.

“12 three-minute rounds,” Serrano reiterated. “Let’s do it like the men.”

Taylor responded, ”I don’t think it will make a huge difference to the event, it’s already iconic as it is.”

Later on, in the press conference, Amanda Serrano then brought the idea up again and said it would be a massive moment for women’s boxing and getting the respect of the promoters. Katie However, Taylor once again didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

“If we want to get people to notice us and not get these promoters to talk badly about women, I think we need to take a stand,” Serrano said.

That prompted Taylor to respond, “I think we’re making a stand the way we’re fighting each other in the first place. The best fighting the best. This fight is actually even more important than we realize. Not only are we breaking the ceiling with female purses, but we’re actually changing perceptions.”

After the press conference was over, Serrano spoke to the media and admitted her disappointment that Taylor didn’t agree to three-minute rounds.

“I thought she would’ve been on board with it because she’s always talking about equality and making a change for women’s boxing,” Serrano told a group of reporters. “I thought she would have been on board, because this is our platform, this is our time to showcase women’s boxing, making history. Why don’t we just continue to make history together? We both deserve this platform. I thought it was going to be a different answer.” 

Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor will have their historic indication title fight on April 30 at Madison Square Garden.

Who do you think will win, Amanda Serrano or Katie Taylor?