Logan Paul Claims Floyd Mayweather Fight ‘Broke Every Single Combat Sports Record For Pre-Sale PPV Numbers’

Logan Paul

Despite Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather being postponed, Paul says it is trending in the right direction.

Originally, they were supposed to fight on February 20 but that will no longer be the case. Although some reports say it was postponed due lack of interest, Paul says that is not true. In fact, he says the pre-sales broke every single combat sports record for pay-per-views numbers.

“The Floyd Mayweather fight is pushed which I’m completely OK with,’ he explained on his podcast Impaulsive (via DailyMail).  “We knew it was going to be pushed for a minute now, some COVID business complications is what I can say.  The fight is still happening so easy with the rumours that there’s no interest. This fight broke every single combat sports record for pre-sale pay-per-view numbers – shattered them. I don’t want to get the narrative twisted; we had a leak inside the camp which was annoying and everyone made up their own reasons why it was postponed. We want to have a packed arena somewhere and on the business side we have to iron things out. He’s got a lot of people on his team… Al Haymon (Mayweather’s manager) got involved.”

Logan Paul is currently 0-1 as a pro boxer but will likely weigh 50 pounds heavier than Mayweather. However, Floyd Mayweather is considered the best boxer in history and many questioned why he would face a YouTuber, but based off what Paul said, it is likely a massive payday for both men.

When they do end up fighting, Logan Paul is confident he can pull off the biggest upset in boxing history.

“I need as much practice, training and sparring as possible under my belt,’ Paul added. “I believe that every day that goes by I get one-to-two percent better and he gets one-to-two days older. I’m ready to fight anytime and anywhere, I’m just going to keep training.”

Will you watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul?

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