Logan Paul Claims He’s ‘Beating Up Legitimate Undefeated Boxers’ Ahead Of Floyd Mayweather Fight

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is confident he is getting much better at boxing.

The YouTuber turned professional boxer is 0-1 as a pro as he dropped a split decision to fellow YouTuber, KSI in 2019. Now, he is set to face Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout sometime this year, in a fight many believe Mayweather will win with ease. However, Paul isn’t so sure about that as he says he is beating up legitimate undefeated boxers.

“We really do this s***. We really do this s***, it’s all we do, everyday for the past three years,” Paul said on his podcast (via TheSun). “Trained this morning, trained yesterday, trained the day before, eating healthy, going to sleep at the right time – it’s all we f***ing do. If I was walking in there, a complete noob, my first year of boxing, my second year of boxing even, then like OK, maybe a little anxious. I don’t know how long it takes to finally get good as something but I’m there.

“We’re beating up legitimate boxers, legitimate professional, undefeated boxers in my backyard,” Paul continued. “Go look at the canvas out there dawg, it’s covered in f***ing blood, none of it’s mine.”

Although people can’t confirm if Logan Paul is beating up pro boxers, if he is, he has no doubt gotten better. But, whether or not he is one the same level of Floyd Mayweather is unlikely. However, he is still looking forward to the fight later this year on Showtime.

“I think I can say, I believe Al Haymon just went on Showtime and announced that it’ll be on Showtime,” Paul said. “Al Haymon’s now involved. We’re going to do it right at the highest level of any massive, massive boxing event. Let’s get it.”

Do you believe Logan Paul?