Teddy Atlas Says If He Were Deontay Wilder’s Trainer He Would Fire Himself

Deontay Wilder

Boxing trainer Teddy Atlas has shared his thoughts on Deontay Wilder’s team following the former champions loss to Tyson Fury.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, “THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas”, he spoke about Wilder’s coaching team for his most recent bout.

“If I was his (Deontay Wilder) trainer i would fire myself”.

“I think that there are a lot of things that he wasn’t taught, I’ve said it before. This ain’t news, ain’t new, said it before a lot of things that he finally paid the price for”.

“Those things that he never got taught, things he never learned, other than that he had power and that’s not even taught. That’s born, not made. Power. That kind of power in the right hand. Great power and it makes up for mistakes sometimes, It erases a lot of mistakes. But if that’s all you have and you don’t build other things around it. One day you’re going to be in a situation where that’s not enough. And you’re going to pay a price for the things you didn’t learn, you didn’t develop, you didn’t pay attention to, you didn’t get taught.”

Atlas did not seem impressed by the way Wilder had been taught, continuing to offer criticism questioning what changes the team could implement for the upcoming trilogy bout with Fury.

“How are those people gonna change anything, if they haven’t taught him up until this point how are they going to start teaching him now? What did they wait until he lost to bring out the real artillery? What did they wait until he lost to say ‘now we’re gonna teach ya’? Really? I don’t think that was anyone’s plan. It’s not a good one if it was.”

“If they were going to teach him something it would have been taught already, it would have been done already. So what are they gonna, if nobody new is bought in, maybe somebody new is bought in I don’t know about. Alright, then I step back but otherwise what is he going to learn?”

Currently there is no date or location booked for the upcoming trilogy fight, however, it has been rumored to take place in Sydney Australia.

Who do you think will win the trilogy fight between Fury and Wilder?