Vasyl Lomachenko Blames Judging Bias For His Defeat To Teofimo Lopez

Vasyl Lomachenko still refuses to accept his defeat to Teofimo Lopez back in October of this year.

The three-division world champion has had some time to think about the fight, the result, and how he feels the fight went. Their fight was quite epic to say the least.

Lopez came out with the early lead, winning six or seven of the first seven rounds. Many gave Lomachenko round two, and some gave him round seven.

He didn’t start really catching up until round eight however, and regardless of how he did in those final five-six rounds, he fell incredibly short.

You see, those final six rounds really should have mattered, but they didn’t. The three judges gave Lopez the unanimous decision (116-112, 119-109, 117-111) victory.

This caused an uproar to some, and others agreed with the decision, though everyone agreed, the scorecards were flat out awful. No way in hell did Lopez take that fight that handily, Lomachenko put him through the ringer in the second half of the fight.

Some gave Lopez round 12, and some gave Lomachenko round 12. Lopez did make a small rally in the 12th, but Lomachenko still did more. Lomachenko hurt Lopez a couple times in the fight, Lopez never hurt Lomachenko.

The Ukrainian talent had the following to say on the matter: “However, his win reflects the bias against myself. It’s about being bribed. There was nothing honest about the judging. I don’t know whose game it was. I do think it was someone’s game.

“I said that I wasn’t ready to comment on the fight without watching it first, and I said that I thought that I didn’t lose the fight.

“And I can repeat it today, I didn’t lose the fight. I watched it around five times. I took the second round. He took the first, third, fourth (and) fifth rounds. The sixth (round) remains questionable.

“I took one round in the first half of the fight and five rounds for the second (half), specifically rounds 7-11. We’ve got 6-6 which is a draw. And if it’s a draw we use the unspoken rule of boxing. We look for rounds 10 through 12 and I won two of them.

“It’s 2-1. Even if I won three rounds the first half of the fight, I wouldn’t have won the fight on the scorecards. What does that say?”

We at BoxingDaily agreed with Andre Ward’s scorecard at the end, 114-114. How did you score the bout?

Do you think Vasyl Lomachenko deserves a rematch with Teofimo Lopez?