Floyd Mayweather Jr Gives Logan Paul Update Ahead Of 44th B-Day Party

It appears Floyd Mayweather Jr has already gotten his 44th birthday party underway, as he was caught at The Venue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for an event titled ‘Floyd’s Futuristic 44th Birthday Extravaganza.’

Of course, Mayweather rolled up in one of his $2 million Bugatti’s, and was dripping in all sorts of precious medals and diamonds. What else is old.

On the way into his party, Mayweather was asked by TMZ to give an update on his exhibition bout with Logan Paul: “That’s not really important, you know, right now. As you guys know I’ve done a lot of things in life in boxing, it’s something I’ve always been great at doing.

“So, you know, when that exhibition presents itself, then, I’ll do what I have to do.”

Mayweather was then asked if he felt he was confident in it still happening: “I know it’s gonna happen. You know, we just wanna make sure everything is right, and everything is where it should be.”

As we know by now, Floyd Mayweather versus Logan Paul has been postponed, after initially being slated for February 20. At least we still have Jake Paul versus Ben Askren to look forward to on April 17.

Many people hate on Mayweather, and even more so on the Paul’s for what they’re doing in, and with the sport. However, Mayweather’s retired now, and the Paul’s aren’t fighting the elite boxers this sport has to offer.

Point being, considering that, what’s wrong with these David versus Goliath match ups, or even just celebrity match ups that draw attention and excitement to boxing?

Very unfortunately, boxing has seemed to be dead in the water for some time now.

With how stacked the lightweight (135 lb) division has become, and with fun match ups like this, perhaps it’ll bring the sport back where it used to be.

Of course, that doesn’t fix the corruption problem, which is something of a different topic, and a whole different problem in itself.

Would you still like to see Floyd Mayweather face Logan Paul?