Mike Tyson Says Psychedelics Would’ve Helped Him With His Mental Health During Career

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson believes psychedelics would’ve helped him with his mental health during his boxing career if it was allowed.

Tyson, the former heavyweight champion, says he had a lot of outbursts due to his mental health throughout his career. However, now that he is using psychedelics, he says he is happier compared to when he used prescription drugs.

โ€œI believe if Iโ€™d been introduced to the benefit of psychedelics for therapeutic use early in my professional career, I would have been a lot more stable in life,โ€ Tyson told the Guardian via email. โ€œI had a lot of public outbursts and they were all mental illness related. Prescription drugs meant I didnโ€™t feel like myself but with psychedelics, I feel Iโ€™m a happier, lighter version of me.โ€

Mike Tyson also says psychedelics have helped ease the blows he took in the ring and during sparring session. Former NHL player, Daniel Carcillo, who also believes in the use of psychedelics, believes fighters should be able to use them as we start to learn more about it.

โ€œWe can help former fighters by inputting them into clinical trials, understanding more about how subconcussive and concussive impacts affect pathology โ€ฆ and the psychological ailments that many athletes suffer,โ€ says Carcillo. โ€œNot just post-event, but with programs that will focus on human performance aspect too; how much we can get out of these monkey suits of ours.โ€

Mike Tyson made his return to the ring in November as he fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout in November. It was an anticipated bout that was better than many expected. He says he will fight again in this fall against an opponent TBD in another exhibition fight.

What do you make of Mike Tyson saying psychedelics would’ve helped him with his mental health during his career?