Oleksandr Usyk’s Promoter Doubts Tyson Fury Fight Will Happen On April 29

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Oleksandr Usyk‘s promoter Alexander Krassyuk doubts the Tyson Fury fight will happen on April 29 as originally hoped.

For quite some time, Usyk and Fury’s teams have been in negotiations about making the fight happen and the revenue split has been a holdup. Usyk’s teams is calling for a 50/50 split while Fury’s team wants it more like 60/40, so with that, Uysk’s promoter says the fight won’t happen on April 29 as hoped.

“We were expecting the fight to take place in Saudi in March, late February,” Krassyuk told iD Boxing. “It didn’t take place, so it was rescheduled for April 29. It doesn’t look likely that we [are] gonna have a fight on April 29th, that’s my anticipation. The term is too short. Did you see any post of Tyson and his team somewhere on social media, training, doing their jobs? I think they’re not in training camp, which means they took the decision not to fight, which is why we don’t need to think really positively. We have to be realistic.”

According to Alexander Krassyuk, he believes Tyson Fury‘s team doesn’t actually want to fight Oleksandr Usyk which is why they are making the negotiation difficult.

“According to [Fury’s promoter Queensberry], Tyson Fury was asking for too much money,” Krassyuk said. “Even if Usyk got zero it would still not be sufficient for Tyson to cover his wants. That’s actually the point. Normally when a fighter doesn’t want a fight, he asks for something impossible. And then it’s not happening. That’s according to my experience—I’ve been in boxing almost 20 years.”

However, Krassyuk and Usyk want to get the fight done so they are vocal in saying he split should be 60/40 to whoever wins.

“If you’re confident in fighting Usyk—not Usyk, the “middleweight rabbit”—then just take the fight,” Krassyuk said, referencing Fury’s previous insult of the Ukrainian. “A 60/40 split and the winner takes the bigger share. I think even if you offered him 90/10 he would turn it down. …Maybe he wants to buy a soccer club, so he’s looking for money.” 

Do you think we see Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tyson Fury in 2023?