Tyson Fury Signs Contract To Face Deontay Wilder For The Third Time

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will have their trilogy on July 24 in Las Vegas.

Fury was originally set to face Anthony Joshua in a highly-anticipated fight in August. Unfortunately, an arbitrator ruled Wilder is owed the trilogy fight so the two have now signed their contracts for the fight.

“Wilder three fight because Wilder’s a p****, excuse-maker and a s***house,” Fury said in a video (via DailyMail). “Shall we do it and put him out of his misery? Put him seriously smashed to bits, crack the other side of his skull, give him another shoulder injury, another bicep injury, a leg injury, nut**** injury, the whole lot.”

The camera then showed Fury signing the contract where he had another message for Wilder.

“Wilder, contract’s signed, you’re getting smashed,” Fury said. “When I say smashed, I mean smash, smash, smash. You’re getting knocked out, end of, one round, you’re going, I’ve got your soul, your mojo, everything. I own you.”

The news is disappointing for many boxing fans as they wanted to see Fury and Joshua fight one another. However, Bob Arum was not paying Wilder step-aside money he said. Frank Warren, meanwhile, said he had hoped they would reach a deal with Wilder.

“We are hoping that we can come to some accommodation [with Wilder]. We have started talks, and hopefully an accommodation will be met with Wilder’s side that will enable Tyson and AJ to get it on. If not, then Tyson will have to fight Wilder. That is the bottom line.

“There has to be some consideration and if we can get to some form of solution and he agrees to it, the benefit to Wilder is if Tyson wins the fight against AJ, then instead of fighting for just the WBC belt he’ll be fighting for four belts,” Warren added. “It’s a problem and we have to deal with it. If Tyson has to fight Wilder, then that fight [against Joshua] will get delayed. We want it to go on straight away. That’s the fight everybody wants to see; we want to see two big British guys in the ring, facing each other. That is what we are working hard, and have been working hard, to make happen.”

Who do you think will win, Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?