Shakur Stevenson Believes Frank Martin Was Scared To Lose

Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson is disappointed that Frank Martin won’t take the fight against him.

Stevenson has been looking for a fight for quite some time, and rumors came out that it would be Martin. However, Stevenson claims Martin got cold feet and no longer wants to fight him.

“I think Frank Martin got cold feet,” Stevenson told Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast (h/t BoxingScene). “I think before the fight was signed, it sounded good, everything sounded good, but once the fight came to fruition, I feel he got real nervous and didn’t want to fight me no more. I think he got real nervous.”

According to Shakur Stevenson, he says Frank Martin is backing out due to money. However, Stevenson says this was quadruple the amount of money he has made in his career.

“His excuse and his reasoning, he’ll tell you that it wasn’t enough money,” Stevenson said. “But truthfully speaking, it was quadruple more than what he’s made his entire career. The numbers he done made the highest was $250,000. That fight he would’ve fought for the world title and he would’ve fought for a million dollars. So, $250,000 four times gives you a million dollars and that would’ve been the most money he would’ve ever made in his career.”  

Although Shakur Stevenson says money is Frank Martin’s reason, he also think it’s because Martin knew he would lose.

“I don’t think fighters want to lose,” Stevenson continued. “I think deep down inside he know that I’m one of the best fighters in boxing and like I said, I don’t think he wanted to lose. I think when it came down to it, if he was going to take an L, he wanna make 10 times more than he ever made in his career. I guess four times is not enough. I’m a fighter. I would never turn down quadruple more than I ever made in my entire career for a world title. I would never, never do that.”

Do you agree with Shakur Stevenson?

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