Shakur Stevenson Ready To ‘Put On A Show’ Against Robson Conceicao

Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson is eager to put on a show on Friday night against Robson Conceicao.

Stevenson is set to headline another card but this time will be at home in Newark, New Jersey in a massive fight for the American. Stevenson is undefeated and will be facing Conceicao as he defends his WBC, WBO, and The Ring super featherweight titles, and Stevenson is expecting a tough fight.

“He’s a solid fighter, you can’t take nothing away from him,” Stevenson (18-0, 9 knockouts) told The Ring. “You know he’s going to bring his best come fight night. I’m ready to put on a show. I think it’s a win situation all around. I think I’m about to go in there and do my thing… I think his strength is he’s an Olympic gold medalist; he’s got a solid boxing I.Q.; he’s not just rushing in there and being dumb – I’ll give him that. I think his weakness is he has more of an amateur style, where he’s a front-runner. I think he starts off fast, but as the fight goes on, he slows down and then I’ll take over. I don’t think he can do anything to stop me. I think it’s a great fight, but I’m on a whole different level.”

Although Shakur Stevenson is at super featherweight, many have wondered how long he will last at the weight class. Yet, for Stevenson, he says he isn’t worried about that as he’s just focused on Conceicao.

“I can’t give you an answer on that, I’ll have to see when I finish my weight cut,” Stevenson said. “I don’t know how hard the weight cut is going to be. I would love to go undisputed by grabbing each belt, one by one. But if I can’t do the weight, I’m not going to force myself to go down in weight when I really don’t have to. I’m taking each fight as it comes…

“We’ve got Robson Conceicao and he’s no slouch, so I’ve got to take him very serious,” Stevenson added. “I’m not too focused on 135. Once I get there, then we’ll put our focus on it. At the end of the day, I don’t know how big I’m going to get. I don’t know what weight class I’m going to fall in, but anywhere I’m at, I’m going to dominate. I’ve got to keep doing what I’ve been doing, and I think I’m going to become one of the greatest fighters to ever do it.”

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