The Richest Fight In Women’s Boxing Is On The Cards

Katie Taylor Jennifer Han

For a long time there has been talk of equality in women’s sports. Arguments made for both sides of why women should earn the same as their male counterparts in sports such as football, golf and boxing, and arguments why they shouldn’t. And there are valid points for both sides. 

On one side, if women are providing the same kind of entertainment, and the same level of performance, there is no reason why they shouldn’t get an equal salary. Arguably, if an athlete also represents their country somewhere like the Olympics, or for their national team in the likes of Rugby or Football, they too should get equal pay. After all, playing for your country is a privilege.

On the other hand though, Men’s sports draw in bigger crowds in most instances, and a lot of money comes from sponsorships. If women want equal pay, they’re going to have to promote it more, and help increase revenues in their sports. There are also issues where equal pay is given, in tennis for example, but women actually play two sets fewer in championships. Meaning they actually get more money for doing less work. Far from sexual equality.

One sport in which women have begun to make more of a name for themselves though, is the one we all love here on Boxing Daily. After so many high-profile men’s bouts that have seen multi-million pound prize pots in recent years, the women’s game is finally catching up. And we’re on the verge of possibly seeing the richest fight in Women’s boxing, with the sport having gained massive interest and exposure recently.

But who are the fighters who could possibly be part of this bout that would see the biggest payout to a female boxer in the history of the sport? Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano of course.

Serrano wins to set up ‘megafight’

The fight between Taylor and Serrano has been talked about for a while, and there has only been one time where it was closer than it is now. That was back in 2020 when the fight was scheduled to take place in Manchester, before later being canceled.

There was also talk about it early last year, but Serrano had a mandatory fight against Miriam Gutierrez to get out of the way first. And the unified featherweight champion, Serrano, dispatched her in a 10-round bout that she won by unanimous decision.

That victory, which ensured she kept her featherweight titles also meant that a megafight was now the inevitable next step for Serrano. She basically called Taylor out following her win: “It’s the megafight for women’s boxing. It’s two pound-for-pound girls going out there. You have [an] undisputed [champion and a] seven-division world champion facing each other and I think that’s the megafight for women”.

Going on to add that she thinks the pair are going to “…blow those ceilings for women’s boxing. A seven-figure payday for both of us, Madison Square Garden, the big theater, main event. I mean, it’s going to be an amazing night”.

And she’s not far wrong. Only the biggest events take place at Madison Square Garden’s, there have been some great names in boxing before. But rarely has it been there have been female athletes going head-to-head at such a place and being the headline act as well. That just shows you how far the sport has come, and how big an event this is going to be.

And female boxers, especially those who live in New York, should use this as an inspiration. To show that dreams can come true, and that women are able to provide entertainment to match the men, and to earn pay packets that are just as big. Because following this fight, both these women will be millionaires. Although only one will be the undisputed, unified flyweight and lightweight champion of the world.

Who that will be could be a tough one to call. You can back your favorite boxer for this fight at Pointsbet NY Sportsbook, with odds available on outright winners, method of victory and which round the fight will end. 

To help you decide which way to bet on the boxing if you’re going to place a wager, let’s take a look at some of the records and stats coming into the megafight.

Boxing Records

WinsWins by KODrawsLosses
Katie Taylor20600
Amanda Serrano423011

Fighter Stats

Katie TaylorAmanda Serrano
Height5’ 5” / 165cm5’ 5” / 166cm
Reach66.1” / 168cm65.4” / 166cm
StanceOrthodox (R)Southpaw (L)


Of the two fighters, arguably Serrano has the better chance. She’s younger, more experienced, and Southpaw has some major benefits over the Orthodox style. They tend to have a better defence, as they’re more comfortably positioned, and also are able to more easily surprise opponents with attacks due to their stance, and they can make a better advantage of their reach, which Serrano is lacking nearly 1” compared to Taylor, so that will work in her favour.

That said, Taylor is undefeated, and as just mentioned, has a longer reach on her. And although we’ve pointed out ways that Southpaw can often be a benefit, Orthodox stances have their benefits too. Many believe Orthodox fighters train better, and can be better prepared for fights, but also, their positioning gives them better access to attack an opponent’s liver area, which can be a great spot to target in wearing down your opponent.

Therefore it could be a tough fight, but despite Serrano stepping up a weight class, we just think her experience, youth and stance, should give her the edge to win the fight. It may not be a knockout, although she packs the power, but even if it goes the distance, we can’t see anyone but Serrano walking away with all the titles.

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