Tommy Fury Scoffs At Jake Paul’s $1 Million Offer To Fight Him


It’s going to take more than $1 million for Jake Paul to get Tommy Fury to fight him.

Fury is seemingly the next opponent the YouTuber-turned-boxer is targeting as the latter recently claimed the Briton turned him down twice.

As a result, Paul made one final offer to Fury.

“Tommy Fury has now denied two offers to fight me,” Paul said on Instagram (via MMA Fighting). “This would be the highest payday of his career, the best thing he could possibly do. If he really believes he could beat Jake Paul then why would you not take this?

“‘Timmy,’ this is your last offer: Eight rounds, one million dollars. Eight rounds, one million dollars. That’s four times more than you’ve ever been paid. So either sign the dotted line or just stop f*cking wasting my team and I’s time.”

To that, Fury responded stating that he did indeed turn down two offers — mainly because it would take a lot more than $1 million for them to collide in the ring.

“Jake Paul has come out and said that I have denied two offers to fight him, which I have because those offers are not even worth talking about. … He’s come out and said that he wants to give me £1 million to fight him. I just want to say this to everybody out there — a £1 million for a fight of this magnitude is not even worth getting out of bed for.

“This fight is gonna gross millions and millions of pounds. I can’t walk down on street without anybody asking me ‘when are you fighting Jake Paul?’ So until you want to start bringing some serious offers to the table, we can’t have a conversation.

“… In boxing terms, £1 million is nothing, especially for a fight of this size. … Get your figures up and then we can talk.”

Fury makes a good point though it remains to be seen if this is really a fight of the magnitude he is referring to.

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