Tyson Fury Accused Of Bribing A Farmer To Cover Up Drug Cheating

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury and his team have been accused of bribing a farmer in an attempt to cover up drug cheating dating back to 2015.

The claim centers around failed drug tests for both Tyson and his cousin Hughie five years ago. At the time the Fury’s blamed the positive tests on uncastrated wild boar meat or contaminated supplements. Ultimately Tyson Fury accepted a back-dated two-year ban before being allowed to resume his boxing career in 2017.

Despite the matter being done and dusted Lancashire farmer, Martin Carefoot has decided to bring forward fresh allegations as Fury comes off the biggest win of his career over Deontay Wilder.

He claims he was offered £25,000 to lie about supplying the Fury family with wild boar meat, although he was never paid. Mr Carefoot also claims he signed two witness statements confirming he had supplied the team with wild boar meat, which have now been forwarded to UK Anti-Doping (UKAD).

A statement from UKAD to The Mail on Sunday read: “We will always review any potential evidence in relation to any anti-doping offence and take investigatory action where necessary. If anyone has information that could be of interest to UKAD and its investigations on any matter, we urge them to contact us.”

Frank Warren, the promoter of Tyson Fury has scoffed at the new claims against his fighter and said the farmer is just after a payday. 

“This man wrote me a letter last October, full of errors, asking for money. I told him to clear off and take it up with UK anti-doping, instead he has clearly sold his story to a newspaper. Tyson has never ever met this man and his story is total bulls***.”

The head of the WBC Mauricio Sulaiman appears to be backing his heavyweight champion amid these new cheating claims, he said. “The person who has claimed he accepted money to lie should be the one on trial, in my personal opinion, especially when he has waited five years to tell his story

“Secondly, around this time Tyson was not involved with the WBC, he did not fight Klitschko for the WBC belt, it was for other titles, so this issue does not impact on him being our heavyweight world champion” (Transcribed by TalkSport)

Should Tyson Fury face a fresh investigation after Martin Carefoots claims?