Tyson Fury Says He Doesn’t ‘Fear A Boxing Man’ Ahead Of Oleksandr Usyk Fight

Tyson Fury Boxing Champion

Tyson Fury says he isn’t afraid of anyone as he’s set to return to the ring in February against Oleksandr Usyk to unify the heavyweight division.

Fury and Usyk will fight in a very intriguing matchup on February 17 in Saudi Arabia. It’s a fight that many have wanted for years and it will finally happen.

Heading into the fight, there are questions on Fury after he didn’t look as good against Francis Ngannou. But, Fury is excited for this fight and is excited to conqueror the heavyweight division again.

“For me, he was never in the equation. It was always me, [Deontay] Wilder and [Anthony] Joshua and then obviously he beat Joshua so then he took Joshua’s position. Here we are,” he told Steve Bunce during TNT’s ‘Gloves are Off’ show (h/t BoxingScene). “The belts are one thing but me and him have got to go and fight now. There’s been a big build up and now we’re gonna see who’s better out of me and Oleksandr. And I’m a conqueror. Remember that. He’s Oleksandr and I am ‘The Great’ so we’ll see.”

Heading into the fight, Tyson Fury is a small betting favorite, but he has full confidence going into this one and plans to make a statement.

“Just the same stuff. I’ll bring in some southpaw, left-handed sparring obviously and that’s it. What can you do for a fighter? You can’t really do much for him or me or anybody. It’s a boxing match. If he’s better than me then he’ll beat me. If I’m better than him then I’ll beat him. And that’s it. There’s no more and no less to it,” Fury said.

“I don’t fear a boxing man. I’m not bothered about them at all. I’ve had many fights before and beaten all the people in the world. 35 fights in a row. I’m not really that bothered. I’ve been at this game a long, long time. Professional over 15 years now. He’s an average sized man. He’s 6ft 3in tall. He’s 16 stone. He’s the same build as every other heavyweight that mostly you’re gonna fight. He’s a left-handed man. I’ve got a brother who’s left-handed, my dad’s left-handed so it’s not like I’m not used to fighting people who are left-handed or messing about with them. It is what it is. We’re gonna go in there, punch the —- out of each other. Nothing more, nothing less,” Fury added.

Do you think Tyson Fury will beat Oleksandr Usyk?

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