VIDEO | First Gameplay Footage From eSports Boxing Club Released

Boxing fans have been severely limited in terms of console games in recent times. But they now have reason to rejoice, as the alpha gameplay of ESBC has been released. And it looks rather impressive.

The classic Fight Night games were iconic standouts in the sports video game industry. However, there has not been a game released in that series since Fight Night Champion, which came out in 2011.

10 years later, there is a new boxing game in the works. eSports Boxing Club, abbreviated to ESBC, looks set to take the sports gaming industry by storm. A recent clip of alpha gameplay feature has many boxing fans eagerly anticipating the games release.

The video covered movement, corer system, backfoot combat, career aspects, directional punches, adrenaline, feints, thirty-six punch control and ring craft. It also showed off incredible visuals and graphics, which arguably puts EA Sport’s UFC 4 to shame.

According to the ESBC official website, the game will include 65 licensed boxers, 7 championship titles and 50 attributes & traits. The alpha video showed David Adeleye facing off against strongman Eddie Hall. The official ESBC roster can also be seen on their website, with many names yet to be announced. But fighters such as ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson, Joe Frazier, Terrence Crawford and Oleksandr Usyk have already been confirmed.

Will you be purchasing ESBC? What do you think of the alpha gameplay? Let us know in the comments.