Ben Shalom Says Every Promoter Would Be Excited To Work With Chris Eubank Jr.

Chris Eubank Jr.

Ben Shalom says he and any other promoter would love to work with Chris Eubank Jr.

Shalom helped put on the fight between Eubank and Liam Smith. Smith is now a free agent but Shalom isn’t sure what the future holds for Smith.

“We will see,” said the Boxxer promoter (via BoxingScene). “I think there’s a lot of free agents in boxing and I think if the right fight presents itself or the right opportunities then we’d love to, but ultimately Liam is at the latter end of his career looking for the very biggest fights and he should. Rightfully, he’s a free agent and he can take whatever is the best opportunity that presents itself.”

As for Chris Eubank Jr., he recently announced he’s a free agent and Ben Shalom would have some interest in signing him. He believes every promoter would love to work with Eubank Jr. as there are big fights to be made if they sign him.

“Look, that news is very recent,” Shalom said, of Eubank emerging back into the marketplace without Wasserman. “I think Chris, in a similar way [to Smith], is at the latter end of his career, he wants the very biggest fights. Let’s see what he decides to do.  We’ve worked with him four or five times through Wasserman, I think every promoter would be excited to work with Chris Eubank Jr.

“It was only a few days ago that news was announced or released and we will see what happens, and these days the boxing landscape’s crazy there are so many opportunities, never mind in the U.K. Everywhere. There’s not many pay-per-view stars in the U.K. and Chris Eubank Jr. is probably in the top four or five,” Shalom continued.

Eubank Jr. is 33-3 and coming off a TKO win over Liam Smith after an upset knockout loss to Smith.

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