Best Boxing Fights In Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather

Las Vegas, the fight capital of the world has been the setting for some of the greatest boxing matches ever. Numerous fighting legends have been a part of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas.

There’s been countless great fights and we’ve put together a list of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas in history. Check out the fourteen boxing matches below and let us know which are you favorites that took place in Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio 

This bout was not only one of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history, but the biggest fight in history. For years, fight fans were dying to see the two greats of the generation in Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao go head-to-head.

After years of waiting, fight fans finally got their wish as the contracts were finalized. The fight took place on May 2nd, 2015 to a sold-out crowd at the MGM Arena.

It was the most anticipated fight of the century that drew a record gate of over $72 million and had plenty of punters placing bets on the event at sites such as bet365 Bonus Code. In the fight, Mayweather controlled the ring and cruised to a unanimous decision victory.

Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia 

In April of 2023, a match between two young, undefeated fighters took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia was one of the best boxing fight in Las Vegas in the last decade.

Two big fan bases argued, who would win a match between Mayweather’s best fighter vs. De La Hoya’s best. Both fighters had nearly knocked out all of their opponents and one of their 0s had to go.

Fight fans quickly realized that Tank Davis was far and away the superior fighter. Davis beat Garcia every moment of the bout, right up until he finished him with a bodyshot. 

Tank showed he is the current best lightweight of the generation.

Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns 

When you talk about not just the best boxing fights in Las Vegas, but in history, period, there’s one common answer. Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns. 

The two legends met each other in a match simply referred to as “The War.” This fight is considered one of the most beautifully violent displays of boxing in the history of the sport.

For almost two rounds, the legends threw caution to the wind and went for the kill. Both fighters landed vicious shots and nearly knocked the other out multiple times before Hagler stopped Hearns in the 3rd. 

Anyone that considers themselves a fan of boxing must watch this fight.

Manny Pacquaio vs. Juan Manuel Marquez 4 

Pacman vs. Marquez is one of the legendary rivalries in boxing history. It seemed like the two were destined to fight each other forever. 

Their fourth and final match took place in 2012 and is easily one of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history. From the moment the match started it looked like it was going to be another back and forth classic.

However in the sixth round, Marquez caught Manny coming and knocked him out cold. The fans in attendance couldn’t believe what they witnessed as Juan Manuel put a stamp on the rivalry.

This fight was named both the 2012 fight of the year and KO of the year.

Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo 

In 2005, fight fans witnessed one of the most dramatic sequences in the history of boxing. Diego Corrales met Jose Luis Castillo for the WBC and WBO Lightweight Championships

The two warriors battled each other throughout the belt with Castillo leading going into the 10th round. Corrales’ eyes were nearly swollen shut as he suffered two knockdowns in the round.

However, Corrales showcased his fighting spirit and came back to finish Castillo before the end of the round. This bout is one of the all time classics and one of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history.

Julio Caesar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor 

The icon Julio Caesar Chavez is one of the best fighters to ever step into the boxing ring. Chavez met tough contender Meldrick Taylor at the MGM Grand in 1994 for the WBC Lightweight Championship.

Caesar Chavez would get stunned as Taylor quickly took control of the fight. Landing big shots on Chavez and stunning the predominantly Mexican fans in attendance.

Going into the eighth round, Chavez had lost every round and needed a KO to win. He would find his inner fighting spirit to come back and stop Taylor at 1:41 of the 8th round. 

Adding another amazing win to his legendary career.

Erik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera

On February 19th, 2000, the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino hosted Erik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera 1. Fight fans were treated to one of the most highly technical fight in boxing history. 

The two high-level Mexican warriors never gave an inch in the bout. Both fighters came forward and gave everything they had in the bout.

There was never a moment where the fans weren’t on their feet cheering. The match ended in a highly debated split-decision win to Morales, which began the rivalry between the boxers.

Anyone who considers themselves a boxing fan must watch this match and their entire trilogy of matches.

Riddick Bowe vs. Evander Holyfield 1 

The 1990s were a great time for heavyweight boxing with numerous legendary power punchers. Riddick Bowe vs. Evander Holyfield 1 is easily one of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history.

Evander Holyfield was the champion going into the bout. However, his opponent Riddick Bowe was up for the challenge and put on one of the best performances of his career.

Neither fighter backed down as they threw bombs for 12 rounds. Towards the midway point Bowe pulled ahead and won the decision and the world title. This match would be the beginning of one of the best heavyweight trilogies of the 1990s.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns 

Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns were the two best welterweights on the planet during the 1980s. The two champions met in a superfight in 1981 at Caesar’s Palace.

The two legends had a back and forth battle with neither backing down. Both fighters had hurt the other at multiple points in the batch.

Going into the 14th rounds, both fighters were bloody, but it would be Sugar Ray who landed the knockout blow. Hearns didn’t get up for the 10-count and Leonard won the WBA Welterweight title.

Till this day, the two are still bitter rivals as we saw on Mike Tyson’s podcast.

Bobby Chacon vs. Cornelius Boza Edwards 1

Another one of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history that also took place in 1981 was Chacon vs. Edwards. Bobby Chacon and Cornelius Boza Edwards were two of the best featherweights in the world during this era.

Both fighters had unbelievable heart and skill, which they displayed all of in this bout. Edwards was able to cut Chacon over his eye, which led to a stoppage at the end of the 13th round. 

This bout is a classic and deserves to be on any list of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya 

Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya at the time was the biggest draw in boxing history. The two fighters were the biggest superstars of the era and finally met in 2007 at MGM Arena.

For the first few rounds, De La Hoya brought a fight to Mayweather. Pressuring Pretty Boy Floyd like no other fighter had been able to do before this bout.

Through the midway point the fight was close, but Mayweather showed why he was the GOAT. Displaying his legendary countering and defense to take control of the fight and win a unanimous decision.

Anyone who is a fan of the art of boxing should watch the technique on display in this great fight.

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 2

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 1 was an incredible match as it had been years since fans saw a great heavyweight bout. Their second encounter was to take place in Vegas with an even bigger crowd in attendance. 

What fight fans saw was one of the most beautiful performances by a heavyweight fighter in years. Fury came in with a perfect game plan and bullied Wilder. 

Completely changing his usual counter punching style and took the fight right to the knockout artist. Fury pummeled Deontay and was outclassed and suffered a TKO loss in a second.

This bout was an incredible showcase of skill by Tyson and one of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history.

Larry Holmes vs. Ken Norton 

Larry Holmes vs. Ken Norton was a classic match between an old great and an up-and-coming champion. Norton and Holmes went toe-to-toe for fifteen rounds in a complete slugfest.

Norton, who had been in many wars, gave all he had to the young contender and Holmes answered him. There was never a dull moment in this match as Holmes to a razor thin split-decision.

This match is still considered one of the greatest heavyweight bouts in boxing history.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Marvin Hagler

The last of the best boxing fights in Las Vegas history we’ll spotlight is the classic Sugar Ray vs. Marvin Hagler. A match of contrasting styles that made for one of the most entertaining bouts of the 1980s.

Hagler brought a fight like he always did, while Leonard did his patented stick and move style. It was a close and exciting fight that went to the score cards.

However, the great fight was overshadowed by controversy thanks to judge JoJo Guerra, who scored the bout 118-110 for Leonard. Even fans who thought Leonard won thought this was a ludicrous score card. 

This one an huge injustice that stained a great fight.